Kogei Dining



Kōgei (crafts)and Gastronomy and Performing Arts

Kōgei Dining is an experience-based program that started in 2019 as a series of events tied to the Japan Cultural Expo.

The full beauty of Kōgei (crafts) pieces cannot be understood just by looking—they must be used. This program provides participants with a valuable opportunity to do just that through a dinner party. Participants can also purchase Kōgei at the venue so that they can continue to enjoy life with Kōgei even after the event.

In its fifth year, this program will be held at Atami. During this year’s event, participants will be able to experience a range of Japanese traditions, including a dance performance and a dinner party.


静岡県熱海市 MOA美術館
| 5 (Sun.) to 7 (Tue.) November 2023, 10:00–17:30 |

MOA Museum of Art, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture

The MOA Museum of Art organizes gastronomical events as part of its promotion of Japanese culture and is home to traditional Japanese restaurant Hana-no-Chaya, Toshi Yoroizuka’s confectionery store and more. Each establishment actively incorporates organically grown ingredients to offer genuinely local Atami meals.

As in previous years, you can choose between a Western- or Japanese-style dinner. You will also enjoy a dance performance by Tamasaburo Bando, a Living National Treasure.

  • ・Tea ceremony experience
  • ・lunch (Western/Japanese)
  • ・Atamiza event: Special performance by Tamasaburo Bando at Nohgakudo
  • ・Kogei craft exhibition and sales/appreciation exhibition