Kogei Dining



The Kōgei Dining program, being held in conjunction with the Japan Cultural Expo presented and co-presented project Kōgei 2020 ‒ The Art of Crafting Beauty from Nature, offers participants a hands-on experience of craft artistry. This will be a valuable opportunity for participants to confirm for themselves the beauty of utility which cannot be ascertained simply by viewing artworks but by handling them over the meal. Providing a place where participants have the opportunity to interact with ko¯gei artists who support the concept of this program, the aim is to foster a sense of personal closeness with the artistry of ko¯gei. In addition, there will be works displayed at the venue with commentary provided by the artists themselves. These works will be available for purchase so that even after the event participants will be able to have the pleasure of kōgei in their daily lives.


石川県金沢 金城樓
| Saturday 31 October, 2020 11:00 – 17:30 |

Kinjohro, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

With the opening of the National Crafts Museum in fall this year, Kanazawa is now the focus of attention in the kōgei world.
Established in 1890, the traditional restaurant and inn Kinjohro has been regarded for 130 years as the Guest House of Kanazawa, presenting the luxury and classic splendor of the Kaga fiefdom’s historic culture through Kaga cuisine.

The exhibiting artists, some of whom are members of the Japan Art Academy, are mainly artists based in Kanazawa whose work is representative of Japanese art.

  • ・Opening and Greetings
  • ・Talks
  • ・Kōgei works viewing
  • ・Lunch
  • ・Display and visits at National Crafts Museum/Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art

[ Artists ]
Fumihiko Arakawa / Ougyo Ichishima / Toshio Ōhi / Hirohiko Kawakita / Hidemitsu Takana / Kazunori Takegoshi / Toshiaki Takegoshi / Hiroshi Nakada / Taisei Yamagishi / Yukio Yoshita / Ken Yotsui

静岡県熱海 MOA美術館
| Friday 4 December, 2020 16:00 – 20:00 |

MOA Museum of Art, Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture

The MOA Museum of Art includes food-related activities as part of its promotion of Japanese culture and is home to the traditional Japanese restaurant Hana-no-Chaya, Toshi Yoroizuka’s patisserie, and others. Each establishment actively incorporates organically grown ingredients to produce local Atami meals.

For this special cultural opportunity, a dinner prepared by Toshi Yoroizuka will be served using tableware designed by Kazumi Murose, holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Maki-e).

  • ・Opening and Greetings
  • ・Talks
  • ・Kōgei works viewing
  • ・Dinner

[ Artists ]
Imaemon Imaizumi / Takayuki Umemoto / Yukie Ōsumi / Hoseki Okuyama / Masato Kigasawa / Hiroshi Koie / Makoto Saeda / Moriyoshi Saeki / Norikatsu Sato / Tetsu Suzuki / Yoshiaki Taguchi / Tsuyoshi Hotate / Masahiro Maeda / Koyo Matsui / Kazumi Murose / Shu Mochizuki / Kiyoko Morioka / Makoto Wakao